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What specifically does Eliezer recruit Moshe the Beadle to teach him?
a) The Kabbala
b) The Talmud
c) The Torah
d) The Haftorah

Upon his return to the village, what does Moshe the Beadle try to do?
a) Break into Eliezer’s home
b) Spy for the Nazis
c) Become a Rabbi
d) Warn the villagers about the Nazi threat

On the train from Sighet, of what does Madame Schächter have visions?
a) gas chamber
b) Israel
c) furnace/fire
d) Angels of liberation

From whom is Eliezer separated at Birkenau?
a) His mother and three sisters
b) His father
c) Both his parents
d) His entire family

What is the Kaddish?
a) The Jewish prayer for the dead
b) A leader of the Jewish community
c) The Hebrew translation of “The Holocaust”
d) The book of Jewish mysticism

What do the Gestapo do after an instance of sabotage at Buna?
a) Arrest Eliezer
b) Torture Eliezer's father
c) Hang a young child
d) Close down Buna

In the concentration camp hospital, Eliezer’s neighbor remarks he has lost faith in everything except what?
a) God
b) Death
c) Hitler
d) Eliezer

During the long run after Buna, what does Eliezer say was the only thing that kept him from giving up?
a) His faith in God
b) His desire for justice
c) His father's presence
d) His sense of pride

In the shed, taking a brief break from the run, what does Eliezer pray for?
a) For the dead
b) For an end to the war
c) For the strength to never abandon his father for his own benefit
d) For a quick end to their long journey

In the barracks at Gleiwitz, what does Eliezer hear?
a) His mother's voice
b) The quiet prayers of all the Jewish prisoners
c) Rabbi Eliahou’s son mercilessly berating his father
d) Juliek playing Beethoven on the violin

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