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The process of making people “come alive” through written words is…
a) Characterization
b) Personification
c) Theme
d) Tone

Authors reveal characters through…
a) Speech
b) Actions
c) Thoughts
d) All of the above

Which of the following is an example of internal conflict?
a) The boy’s older brother kills his cat.
b) A hiker must cross a dangerous river.
c) A boy struggles to overcome his own shyness.
d) The team captain and the coach argue about a play.

An external conflict in a story…
a) Is not part of the main plot
b) Involves only one character
c) Is introduced in the resolution
d) Involves a character and another person, place, or thing

The main struggle in a story…
a) Can be internal or external
b) Must involve two characters
c) Is usually against some force of nature
d) Always takes place within a character’s mind

The events of the plot are designed to…
a) Reveal the author’s point of view
b) Arouse and satisfy the reader’s curiosity
c) Portray the personality of the main character
d) Distract the reader from guessing the conclusion

The purpose of the resolution is to…
a) Move the plot forward
b) Increase the reader’s curiosity
c) Reveal the outcome of the conflict
d) Tie up the loose ends and “close” the story

A struggle or clash that drives the plot is known as the story’s…
a) Characterization
b) Conflict
c) Foreshadowing
d) Theme

Which of the following is NOT part of a story’s plot?
a) Climax
b) Resolution
c) Narrative
d) Exposition

Which of the following is NOT an example of an external conflict?
a) Huck Finn and Jim are running from the slave sellers and Huck's Pappy.
b) Hester Prynne must forgive herself for her sins.
c) Aron Ralstan must cut off his arm to escape being pinned under a giant rock.
d) Atticus Finch must prove to a racist jury that his black client did not rape a white woman.

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