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The Sun and all objects in space that orbit it
a) solar system
b) planets
c) supernova
d) galaxies

A rocky, metallic object that orbits the Sun
a) asteroid
b) meteorite
c) meteor
d) comet

A hot ball of gas held together by gravity
a) star
b) Mars
c) Earth
d) galaxy

A meteoroid that enters Earth\'s atmosphere with a streak of light
a) meteor
b) comet
c) meteorite
d) star

Any part of a meteoroid that reaches Earth\'s surface
a) meteorite
b) comet
c) star
d) meteor

The closest planet to the Sun
a) Mercury
b) Mars
c) Earth
d) Venus

Large bodies that orbit the Sun
a) planets
b) stars
c) galaxies
d) meteors

The largest planet in the solar system
a) Jupiter
b) Earth
c) Saturn
d) Neptune

There are _____ types of galaxies
a) three (3)
b) two (2)
c) five (5)
d) six (6)

The color of a star is based on its
a) surface temperature
b) size
c) age
d) no correct answer given

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