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1. The Spanish Civil War takes place between
a) 1931-1939
b) 1935-1939
c) 1936-1939
d) 1931-1936

The coup succeeded in
a) From western Andalusia (except Badajoz) to Old Castile, León and Galicia, Aragon and Navarre western
b) Eastern Andalusia, Old Castile, Navarra and Canarias
c) Galicia, Madrid, Canary Islands and Navarre
d) A and C are correct

The National Defense Council
a) It was composed of generals Cabanellas, Sanjurjo, Franco and Mola
b) It was formed on June 24 to take on the political
c) He assumed the political and social counter started
d) There was no National Defense Council

On July 11, 1936 was President of the Government
a) Manuel Azaña
b) Hector Casares Quiroga
c) Juan Negrin
d) Diego Martínez Barrio

Several unsuccessful attempts to take Madrid in the spring of 1937, Franco is headed
a) Valencia
b) Albacete
c) Biscay
d) Galicia

Anarchosyndicalists agree to participate for the first time in the government of
a) Largo Caballero
b) Juan Negrin
c) Manuel Azaña
d) Julian Besteiro

The absence of constitution is supplied by the Franco government
a) The formation of the Courts Vertical
b) A set of rules called Fundamental Laws
c) The Charter of the Spanish
d) It is false that no constitution in the Franco regime. It was passed in 1942

The General Assembly of the United Nations
a) Voted the withdrawal of any diplomatic recognition in March 1946
b) Approved the Spanish candidacy in March 1946
c) Refused to address ambassadors
d) Approved sending ambassadors to Spain in March 1946

The most important sector of the Spanish economy during the forties was
a) The military industry
b) agriculture
c) trade
d) A and B are incorrect

The economic autarky is not actually abandoned until
a) 1953
b) 1955
c) 1957
d) 1959

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