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The type of government where a king or queen is the official head of state but has little power is
a) dictatorship
b) democratic republic
c) constitutional monarchy
d) communist

The type of government where voters elect representatives to a lawmaking body called a Parliament is
a) constitutional monarchy
b) parliamentary democracy
c) democratic republic
d) socialist

In a Parliamentary democracy, the government leader which is the Prime Minister, is chosen by
a) the political party which has the largest number of members in the House of Commons
b) the leader of the House of Lords
c) the Electoral College
d) the popular vote

Low swampy lands are called
a) bogs
b) peat patches
c) meadows
d) hills

Wet, decaying plants that can be dried and used for fuel is
a) wood
b) swamp rot
c) peat
d) coal

The party in Ireland which is mostly Roman Catholic and wants Northern Ireland to unite with Ireland is
a) Loyalists
b) Republicans
c) traitors
d) Nationalists

The party in Ireland which is mostly Protestant Christian and prefers Northern Ireland to remain British is
a) Loyalists
b) Republicans
c) Nationalists
d) Democrats

The ancient peoples who settled Ireland around 500 B.C. were
a) Brits
b) Celts
c) Normans
d) Germans

Because of a lack of farmland and a limited growing season, the United Kingdom must import
a) all of its food
b) none of its food
c) 1/3 of its food
d) 90% of its food

Ireland's nickname is
a) the Land of Bogs
b) the United Kingdom
c) Shannonland
d) the Emerald Isle

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