DCT FINAL REVIEW 4 Question Preview (ID: 15320)

Review For Digital Communication Tools Final Exam.

The Photoshop program can be opened from:
a) he programs tab on your Mac Book.
b) the application folder on the Mac Book dock.
c) the safari icon on the Mac Book dock
d) documents on the finder icon.

The file extension for a GarageBand File is:
a) .psd
b) .com
c) .gaba
d) .band

GarageBand allows you to create music with different musical instruments but not with vocals.
a) True
b) False
c) No Answer
d) No Answer

To set up your MacBook for speech recognition,:
a) you must purchase a seperate software program from Apple
b) you can utilize the apple software that is included in the system software at no extra cost..
c) you will have to purchase an external microphone
d) all of the above

An Audacity audio file can be inserted into a Keynote presentation.
a) True
b) False
c) No Answer
d) No Answer

There are 6 main command buttons on the Audacity tool bar. Two of them are:
a) the stop & the white sound button
b) the record & the pause buttons
c) the import & the save buttons
d) the white noise & the fast forward buttons

The audacity program allows you to create:
a) better video & audio clips
b) better audio background noise
c) cleaner, more professional audio clips
d) none of the above

When using the save project command in Audacity:
a) the project is saved as a generic audio file that can be opened by different programs
b) it is exactly the same as using the export command in Audacity
c) the user does not get to choose where the file is saved
d) the project is saved as an AUP file

In Audacity, selecting Open presents you with a dialog where:
a) you can choose a template to open
b) you can download music from the web
c) you can choose a file to open
d) none of the above

Transitions and builds (animations) can help
a) make a presentation boring & dull
b) differentiate slides so they don't look animated
c) bring your presentations to life by adding variety and visual interest.
d) all of the above

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