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What minerals are found in granite?
a) Limestone, mica, calcite, galena
b) Quartz, mica, fluorite, corundum
c) Feldspar, hornblende, quartz, mica,
d) Malachite, mica, feldspar, copper

Which element(s) make a rock attract to a magnet?
a) copper
b) iron or nickel
c) magnesium
d) zinc or aluminum

A rock with porphyritic texture has.....
a) small and large rocks scattered throughout the formed rock
b) felsic and mafic characteristics
c) large crystals scattered on a background of much smaller crystals
d) small crystalls

Which sentence is true about the grain size in rock?
a) Flint is an example of a coarse grained flint.
b) Grains in coarse-grained rocks are microscopic.
c) Grains in fine-grained rocks are easy to see.
d) Example of coarse-grained is diorite and fine-grained is slate.

The grain shape of a rock, such as granite, is determined by....
a) Coarseness of the rock\'s grains
b) Shape of fragments of other rocks
c) Size of the crystals that form the rock
d) Shape of the rock's crystals that form the rock

Which sentence is true about the silica composition of igneous rocks
a) Igneous rocks low in silica are usually dark colored.
b) Igneous rocks high in silica are usually dark colored.
c) An example of an igneous rock low in silica is granite.
d) An example of an igneous rock high in silica is basalt.

Particles of minerals and other rocks that make up rock are called
a) sediment
b) rock fragments
c) textures
d) grains

Which sentence is true about basalt?
a) It is the most common intrusive rock
b) It forms beneath the Earth\'s surface
c) It forms from lava and much of the Earth\'s oceanic crust
d) It consists of large crystals

Why have people throughout history, use igneous rocks for tools and building materials?
a) They are malleable, soft and abundant
b) They are good abrasives, ancient, and beautiful
c) They are decorative and coarse-grained
d) They are hard, dense, and durable

The defintion of an igneous rock is?
a) Rock that contains iron
b) Rock that forms from magma or lava
c) Rock that forms from minerals
d) Rock that contains iron

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