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IMovie utilizes what to change frames in a slide program?
a) movie quick time files
b) audio files
c) transitions and special effects
d) only special effects

When you save an InDesign file, the extension for the file name is:
a) .indd
b) .psd
c) .com
d) .dll

To move different layers of text from front to back in the InDesign program, :
a) you click on layer and order
b) you click on view and layer level
c) you click on object & arrange
d) you click on layout & layer level

InDesign utilizes similar tools & concepts of:
a) Pages
b) Keynote
c) Numbers
d) Photoshop

Two ways to remove an action that you have done in Photoshop are:
a) to press command X or to type back
b) to press command Z or to click image & remove
c) to press command Z or to click on edit & undo
d) to press command X or to click file & remove

Photoshop allows the user:
a) to change colors in photos & images
b) to add text to pictures & images
c) insert images and shapes into photos
d) all of the above

Working with layers in Photoshop can best be described:
a) like working with a paint canvas
b) like working with paint brushes or buckets on a blank canvas
c) as simple!
d) like working with transparencies over the image

Two tools that are on one tab in Photoshop are:
a) the Gradient tool & the Paint Bucket tool
b) the magic wand and the paint brush tool
c) the lasso tool & the move tool
d) the text box tool & the pen tool

The eyedropper tool in Photoshop:
a) is used to cover up text
b) is used to only display layers
c) appears only with the paint brush tool
d) can be used to match colors

a) is a hardware program
b) is a software program that can only be used by windows products
c) is a software program created by Adobe.
d) is a software program that is free

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