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Review For Digital Communication Tools Final Exam.[print questions]

One advantage of utilizing emails over regular mail is:
a) accessability for every person
b) security, computer viruses
c) speed, much quicker than ordinary mail
d) none of the above

What is a protective barrier between your computer, or internal network, and the outside world wide web?
a) server
b) protocol
c) network
d) firewall

The name of the first PC virus was:
a) brain & was spread on floppy disks
b) was omega & was spread by games
c) was worm & was spread by visiting websites
d) was FBI Moneypak virus

Approximately how many public web pages are on the World Wide Web today?
a) 4 billion
b) 10 million
c) 100 million
d) over 40 billion

"Interconnection of computer networks". A massive hardware combination of millions of personal, business, and governmental computers, all connected like roads and highways
a) the World Wide Web
b) mainframe computor networking
c) the internet
d) html pages

The relationship between the Internet and the World Wide Web:
a) is that they are terms for the same thing
b) is nonexistant, there is no relationship
c) is that of a whole to part relationship; the internet being the whole & world wide web being part
d) is only that both are run by government agencies

The internet was first created to:
a) network mainframe computers with different operating systems
b) only deliver email
c) allow different users in specific locations to play games
d) network personal computers

When first created in the late 1950's, the internet was called :
d) ARPANet

The web browser addresses of internet pages and files.
a) The web site name.
b) AP or automatic protocol.
c) Microsoft explorer
d) URL or uniform resource locator.

A free software package that lets you view web pages, graphics, and most online content..
a) A blog.
b) A protocol
c) A web browser.
d) A web site

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