DCT Final Review 4 Question Preview (ID: 15310)

Final Exam Review For Digital Communication Tools.

DNS, HTML, & TCP/IP all have one thing in common. They are all associated with:
a) internet web pages
b) internet coding
c) server computers
d) network hosting

A new internet service being offered to individuals & businesses because of the popularity of social networks is:
a) online employee recruitment
b) online reputation management service
c) network commercials
d) network accounting

Apple Computers cannot get computer viruses.
a) True
b) False
c) No Answer
d) No Answer

Internet advertisement created revenue:
a) that topped $36 billion in the US in 2012
b) that actually went down in 2012.
c) that was 90% of gross domestic product in the US in 2012
d) of just under $2 million in the US in 2012

Sony is associated with what term in relation to computer viruses which hide themselves on an infected computer?
a) spam
b) bootable
c) servers
d) rootkit

When composing an email, what can you add to keep the email from being screened as spam?
a) An address in the cc box
b) A formal salutation
c) A meaningful subject line
d) Your username & password

The major differences between early computer viruses and the newer versions are that:
a) the older viruses were more complex than newer ones
b) the newer versions are used to illegally take money, the older viruses were just created for fun or
c) the new viruses only use floppy drives or emails, the older viruses infect computers who just browse
d) all of the above

The largest sector of internet use is email.
a) True
b) False
c) No Answer
d) No Answer

This term is defined as software that allows you to view web pages. The most popular of these in 2013 are: Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.
a) search engine
b) browser
c) domain
d) server

When you use all capitals in your email, it is like:
a) whispering and should be used frequently in your emails
b) screaming & should not be used in business emails
c) using font to draw attention to your main points & should frequently be used in your emails
d) none of the above

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