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Nelson Mandela was the President of this country
a) Cote D' Ivoire
b) Egypt
c) Sudan
d) South Africa

Legalized separation of races
a) Apartness
b) Anarchy
c) Apartheid
d) Justification

Improved trade and economy
a) The Sahara Desert
b) Suez Canal
c) Aswan Dam
d) Single Canal

This was built to protect the people from suicide bombers
a) Israeli Security Fence
b) Palestinian Security Fence
c) Egyptian Security Fence
d) Aswan Dam

The location of the conflict between the farmers and the herders
a) Cairo
b) South Africa
c) Sudan
d) Libya

Rich, fertile land that is suitable for farming
a) Desert
b) Arable
c) Landlocked
d) Environment

Renewable resource
a) oil
b) copper
c) diamonds
d) trees

The process of land becoming unsuitable for farming due to overgrazing and drought
a) Deforestation
b) Environmental
c) Desertification
d) Unification

Religion of the Israelis
a) Judaism
b) Islam
c) Christian
d) Other

The Palestinians are of this faith
a) Christian
b) Judaism
c) Islam
d) Other

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