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A civil wrong committed against another person or property in which a court can award damages
a) tort
b) criminal
c) battery
d) illegal

Appropriate hand washing techniques include all of the following EXCEPT:
a) Sterile towels
b) Hands lower than arms
c) Friction
d) Water

The medical transcriptionist:
a) Listens to and types information to provide a permanent record
b) Provides access to information
c) Records the work of the photomicrographer
d) Types charting done on a discharged patient

Failure of professional skill or learning that results in injury, loss, or damage is called:
a) malpractice
b) Negligent
c) Slander
d) Unethical

___________________ work to restore function, relieve pain, and prevent disability after disease, injury, or loss of a body part
a) Physical Therapists
b) Occupational Therapists
c) Athletic Trainers
d) Chiropractors

Failure to execute the care that a reasonable person exercises is known as:
a) Negligent
b) Unethical
c) malpractice
d) slander

An action that does not present ideal behavior but may not be illegal is called:
a) Unethical
b) Malpractice
c) Negligent
d) Slander

The function of the mental health care team is to provide care and treatment for individuals with disorders of:
a) The mind, emotion, or behavior
b) The mind, emotion, or speech
c) The mind, behavior, or the body
d) Behavior, speech, or emotion

What does it mean to ration health care?
a) To determine who does or does not get health services
b) To determine how many doctors are in the U.S.
c) Allow everyone to choose their health care provider
d) Restrict who can get into Medical Schools

Plant or animal that lives on or within another living organism at the expense of the host organism
a) Parasite
b) Quarantine
c) Vector
d) Renter

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