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Mandibular refers to
a) the lower jaw
b) the upper jaw
c) the cheek
d) inflammation of the gums

Pedodontics is a dental terms that refers to
a) the teeth of children
b) correcting tooth placement
c) the study of the tooth
d) one who places artificial appliances on teeth

Prosthodonist is a dental term that refers to
a) one who places artificial appliances on teeth
b) the study of the tooth
c) correcting tooth placement
d) the teeth of children

a) inhibit the growth of bacteria
b) kill all pathogens it comes in contact with
c) prevent the spread of inflammation
d) ensure that an item is sterile

The Agency that sets standards for the workplace is
b) CDC
d) AMA

Setting priorities for the care of victims is
a) triage
b) EMS
c) wrong
d) fatalities

Results when the body tissues freeze
a) frostbite
b) hypothermia
c) hyperthermia
d) gangrene

Symptoms include pale and clammy skin, weakness and restlessness
a) shock
b) frostbite
c) hypothermia
d) fatalities

A major mental disorder in which the individual loses contact with reality is
a) psychosis
b) phobia
c) depression
d) reality orientation

Conduct and actions that can be observed is
a) behavior
b) reality orientation
c) psychology
d) psychosis

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