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Chapter 24 Review Part 2. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Which was NOT a reason why dictatorships emerged in Europe and Asia after World War I
a) worldwide economic depression
b) unhappiness with the Treaty of Versailles
c) the emergence of strong democratic governments worldwide
d) resentment over World War I

What conflict began in Spain in 1936
a) Spanish Civil War
b) War of Attrition
c) Thirty-Years War
d) Spanish Inquisition

Which statement is true about Joseph Stalin
a) He enjoyed wide spread support from all classes of Russians and passed sweeping social reform legislature
b) His goal was to spread capitalism all over the world
c) He was a charming and charismatic philosopher
d) He did not tolerate oppositon, killed 8 to 10 million peasants who were against him, and wanted rapid industrialization

What is the policy of giving concessions in exchange for peace
a) appeasement
b) facism
c) neutrality
d) communism

Lightning warfare that used coordination between bombers and tanks
a) blitzkrieg
b) divide and conquer
c) phalanx
d) guerilla tactics

The unification of Austria and Germany by Hitler was the:
a) blitzkrieg
b) final solution
c) anschluss
d) neutrality act

A line of concrete bunkers and fortifications between the German and French border
a) the andes mountains
b) chardonnay
c) maginot line
d) the great wall

He became the British Prime Minister in 1940 and refused to surrender to the Nazis
a) neville chamberlain
b) adam smith
c) francis recard
d) winston churchill

Which statement best characterizes the Battle of Britain
a) an airforce battle between the Nazis and Britain in which London and Berlin were bombed
b) a mountainous tank battle between Germany and Great Britain in which Germany secured an important victory
c) a British invasion of Manchuria
d) A surprise German attack against British troops stationed in France

This new technology allowed Britain to detect the enemy attack in the Battle of Britain
a) radioactive uranium
b) electric amplifier
c) flamethrower
d) radar

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