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A quality of sound that defines what isntrument is sounding
a) Pitch
b) Duration
c) Volume
d) Timbre

a brass instrument
a) Trumpet
b) clarinet
c) organ
d) guitar

The main instrument in a cathedral
a) Pipe Organ
b) Piano
c) guitar
d) flute

Doesn´t belong to a female choir
a) Soprano
b) Alto
c) Countertenor
d) Mezzosoprano

Doesn´t belong to a male choir
a) Tenor
b) Alto
c) Baritone
d) Bass

An instrument with keys
a) accordion
b) guitar
c) timple
d) clarinet

Instrumental music that tell us a story
a) sonata
b) descriptive music
c) Mass
d) Opera

a type of male voice
a) tenor
b) Alto
c) Soprano
d) Mezzosoprano

a group without conductor
a) orchestra
b) choir
c) rock band
d) big band

a stringed instrument
a) violin
b) flute
c) maracas
d) clarinet

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