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Which of the following is not a weather instrument?
a) stethoscope
b) satellite
c) radar
d) weather balloon

Fahrenheit and Celcius are two _________.
a) temperature scales
b) isobars
c) kinds of clouds
d) layers of the atmosphere

Clouds form when water vapor changes to water droplets in the air. This process is called _______.
a) condensation
b) melting
c) precipitation
d) evaporation

To estimate wind speed, you can use __________.
a) the Beaufort scale
b) a barometer
c) a dual-scale thermometer
d) a wind vane

Stratus clouds are ________.
a) low and layered
b) high and wispy
c) puffy and piled up
d) whirling and funnel-shaped

Snow, sleet, rain, and hail are kinds of __________.
a) precipitation
b) wind chill
c) evaporation
d) weather fronts

Air pressure is measured in _______.
a) millibars
b) degrees
c) miles per hour
d) percent

The movement of water on, above, and below Earth's surface is _________.
a) the water cycle
b) ice
c) seasons
d) humidity

Two things about wind that weather forcasters measure are _________.
a) speed and direction
b) speed and temperature
c) pressure and temperature
d) humidity and pressure

Scientists who study weather and the atmosphere are called ________.
a) meteorologists
b) geologists
c) chemists
d) astronomers

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