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A disadvantage of this mode of transportation is that costs are higher than other modes.
a) Bicycling
b) Carpooling
c) Public transit
d) Taxicabs

Nicole is listing features she wants and needs in her new car. Which step in meeting transportation needs is this?
a) List transportation options
b) Set priorities
c) Do the research
d) Obtain automobile insurance

Nate is comparing motorcycles and services available at a small local dealership with those in a much larger city dealership. Which type of research for a vehicle purchase is this
a) Researching options for financing
b) Researching prices
c) Researching used vs. new vehicles
d) Researching where to buy

An advantage for a first-time buyer of buying a used car instead of a new one is that used cars:
a) are less likely to need repairs and replacements.
b) are more likely to be affordable for younger buyers.
c) decrease in value more quickly than new cars.
d) may have been involved in prior accidents.

Sally bought her new car from a dealer that represented Ford manufacturers. Which is MOST LIKELY true of Sally’s new car?
a) Was bought from a traditional dealership
b) Was bought on Internet auction
c) Will not have a warranty
d) Will only be available for leasing, not buying

When researching makes and models of trucks, Andy checked trucks for headroom, legroom, and seating. Which factor to consider when buying vehicles is this?
a) Comfort and convenience
b) Fuel economy
c) Power and performance
d) Reliability

Joey discovered that features like leather seats, sun roof and special rims are available on new cars at an extra cost. Which type of pricing is this?
a) Base price
b) Book value
c) Invoice price
d) Options and options packages

Brad needs to find an installment loan where his monthly payments will be as low as possible. One condition of this is having:
a) a longer term to repay the loan.
b) to obtain financing from a bank.
c) to lease, rather than buy, a vehicle.
d) to obtain financing from the a dealership.

When Blake’s car slid on ice off the road into a tree, his insurance paid for the injuries to his passenger. Which type of insurance is this?
a) Collision
b) Comprehensive physical damage
c) Liability
d) Medical

What is liability insurance?
a) Pays for loss or damages to insured person’s care due to accident
b) Pays for loss or damage not resulting from a collision---e.g., fire, theft, falling objects
c) Covers when liable or responsible for an accident where others are injured or killed
d) The cost for insurance coverage for the term of the insurance policy

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