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What do scientists think caused the mass extinction at the end of the Permian Period?
a) many organisms could not live in the new climate due to the formation of Pangaea
b) humans appeared and killed many animals
c) the land was becoming too crowded
d) there was periods of glaciers and interglacial periods

What gas is released during photosynthesis?
a) carbon dioxide
b) sulfer dioxide
c) oxygen
d) methane

The mass extinction of the large mammals during the Cenozoic Era was probably due to
a) the lack of an ozone layer
b) the continental drift
c) the atmosphere change caused by the Ice Age
d) an asteroid or meteorite hitting the Earth's surface

What happens to pressure, temperature, and density as you go deeper into Earth's layers?
a) Stayes the Same
b) Decreases
c) Increases

The theory that explains why and how continents move is called
a) continental drift
b) big bang
c) plate tectonics
d) nebula theory

The Himalaya Mountains were formed in a collision at a
a) divergent boundary
b) transform boundary
c) continental boundary
d) convergent boundary

The geologic time scale is subdivided into
a) relative age
b) absolute age
c) uncomformities
d) Eras and Periods

The Pacific - Ring of Fire is
a) a mid - ocean ridge
b) a chain of volcanic islands
c) a zone of volcanoes and earthquakes activity
d) a rift valley

Which of the following can effect how a building responds to seismic waves?
a) the type of roof the building has
b) the type of rock and soil beneath the building
c) the type of electrical
d) the type of windows the building has

Which of the following is least likely to cause deaths during an earthquake?
a) floodwaters from collapsing dams
b) falling objects and flying glass
c) actual ground movement
d) fire from broken electric and gas lines

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