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How I can do to reduce the volume of my speaker from the computer?
a) From the START button
b) From the NETWORK Icon
c) From the ICON TRAY
d) From the FINISH button

Can I have some applications opened at the same time?
a) Yes
d) No

The applications have to be of the same type?
a) No
d) Yes

What do you have to do to turn off the computer correctly?
a) Push the START button
c) Push the POWER button
d) Push the FINISH button

Does the computer turn itself off?
a) No
b) Yes

What is the Recycle bin?
a) Where we throw away the rubbish
b) An application to recover the information
c) An application to delete the information
d) A bin for the rubbish

What is the Internet?
a) A huge net
b) A webpage
c) A small net
d) An email

What can we see in MI PC?
a) The list of computers connected
b) The list of disks connected
c) The list of folders connected
d) The list of nets connected

What is a browser?
a) Internet
b) A web page
c) An application
d) An email

What is the path on a web page?
a) It's the music you hear when you connect to it
b) It's the image you see when you connect to it
c) It's the direction to connect to the web
d) It's the manager of the web page

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