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How has the government of Indonesia changed from the leadership of Subarto to today?
a) from a tribal government to a confederation
b) from a socialist governemnt to a democractic government
c) from an unlimited government to a limited government
d) from a monarchy to a constitutional republic

What comparison accurately describes the differences between the characteristics of Suharto\'s government and Indonesia\'s government today?
a) Suharto\'s government allowed freedom of speech, while the government today puts critics in jail
b) Suharto\'s govt used elections to choose leaders while today isruled by an unelected dictator
c) Suharto\'s govt was restricted by the govt while today no longer uses a constitution
d) Suharto\'s gvt did not protect the rights of the people while todays govt is acting to protect those

Which reason best explains the result of Suharto\'s limitation of the human rights of his enemies?
a) He was able to gain personal wealth
b) He was able to establish a new constitution
c) He was able to keep control of the government
d) He was able to introduce new democratic reforms

Which nation has recently experienced almost 50 years of harsh control by a small group of military leaders?
a) Brunei
b) Thailand
c) Myanmar
d) the Philippines

Which nation is a constutional republic with an elected president and legislature?
a) Thailand
b) North Korea
c) Myanmar
d) the Philippines

What is the voting differences in the United States and Thailand?
a) Thailand does not allow voting, while the US permits elections
b) Fewer voting requirements of US citizens than Thai citizens in Thailand
c) Most officials in Thailand are appointed by the king while most in the US are directly elected
d) Voters in Thailand directly elect all govt while the electoral college in the US appoints govt leade

Why is Angkor Wat prominently displayed on the flag of Cambodia?
a) It is a symbol of Cambodia's monarchy
b) It is a symbol of the long religious and political history of the people of Cambodia
c) It is a symbol of Cambodia's commitment to economic reforms and industrialization
d) It is a symbol of Cambodian democracy because it is meeting place of the elected legislature

The center of the religion of Islam is the nation of Saudi Arabia. How was Islam brought from Saudi Arabia to Indonesia?
a) Arabic invaders conquered Indonesia over 1000 years ago
b) Arabic traders who arrived by ship spread Islam to the native Indonesian people
c) Telecommunications technology like radio and television brought the message of Islam
d) Indonesian political leaders who were converted to Islam required the population to become Islamic

Which is true about the region's natural resources?
a) It may be difficult to access natural resources inland due to the rainforest that stops easy travel
b) Most of the regions natural resources are found around the coast
c) The area has natural resources that are sources of energy for the region
d) All are true

One might expect to find all of the following in the area EXCEPT
a) French architecture
b) historic photos of an American presence
c) Italian customs
d) records of British trade

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