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6th Grade - Second Semester Review.[print questions]

How has the history of the region contributed to the number of people practicing Buddhism today?
a) Traders and travelers from South Asia brought their religions beliefs with them
b) European traders brought Buddhism from India to the coastal nations of Southeast Asia
c) Buddhism began in Cambodia and spread to neighboring nations of the region
d) Indian invaders brought Buddhism to the region and forced many to convert

How have recent conflicts in Southeast Asia affected immigrants?
a) The United States accepted many additional immigrates from the region
b) Many people in the countryside moved into the cities
c) Many people living along the coastline moved farther inland
d) The United States suspended all immigration from the region

The development of the Southeast Asia region has been greatly influenced by all of the following EXCEPT
a) conquests by European Nations
b) civil war
c) trade
d) lack of culture

How did the geography of the region contribute to the decision of British traders to establish the Port of Singapore in 1819?
a) Singapore has easy access to fresh water
b) Singapore experiences a mild, dry climate
c) Singapore is ideally located along shipping routes
d) Singapore has flat, grassy land that can support tea production

How did the undersea earthquake most affect the region?
a) The pattern of ocean currents was altered
b) A new volcanic island formed near Sumatra
c) Nations near the epicenter have severe earthquake damage
d) Coastlines along the Indian Ocean experienced a severe tsunami

What natural resources do many nations of Southeast Asia have in abundance?
a) coal
b) silver
c) timber
d) uranium

How does the summer monsoon season benefit the region of Southeast Asia?
a) It provides plentiful rains for rice and fields
b) It calms ocean waves to provide for good fishing conditions
c) It prevents the approach of typhoons from the Pacific Ocean
d) It has strong winds that clear out cloudy skies for months for sunshine

The location of this area on the _________ and Pacific Oceans causes several potential natural disasters which people need to adapt to, including ___________, large-scale erosion a
a) Indian.... ocean currents
b) Indian..... monsoons
c) Atlantic... monsoons
d) flood plaints.... fires

How have traditional homes been adapted to the environment of the region?
a) They are built on stilts to avoid flooding
b) They are built from sun-dried mudbricks
c) They are easily mobile to follow traveling animal herds
d) They are painted brightly to keep the interiors cool during the heat

Which economic activity dominates the region of Southeast Asia
a) agriculture
b) service industries
c) research and development
d) manufacturing

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