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Greek communities thought of themselves as separate because they
a) were separated by mountains and water.
b) did not like each other.
c) were opposed to democracy.
d) believed in philosophy.

Alexander the Great spread Greek culture and
a) destroyed many cities.
b) built a series of canals.
c) established many cities.
d) lost many battles.

Spartans could be described as
a) light-hearted and fun-loving.
b) artistic.
c) fond of business and trading.
d) tough, silent, and grim.

Most Greeks believed women needed
a) to be guided and protected by men.
b) a say in government.
c) physical training in case of war.
d) different gods and temples.

In General, Greeks worshiped
a) many gods.
b) one god.
c) no gods.
d) male gods only.

Which group of people conquered ancient Greece?
a) Egyptians
b) Persians
c) Macedonians
d) Assyrians

The Athenians valued
a) their army and war.
b) arts, education, and philosophy.
c) the creation of new weapons.
d) conquering of other city-states.

Greek slaves were known as
a) hoplites
b) barbarians
c) helots
d) macedonians

In this type of government, majority rules
a) republic
b) dictatorship
c) monarchy
d) democracy

In this type of government, a king rules.
a) republic
b) monarchy
c) democracy
d) anarchy

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