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the amount of satisfaction of a person received from the consumption of a particular product or service
a) economic utility
b) market segment
c) place utility
d) possession utility

a group of people who have the ability and the desire to purchase a specific product
a) market segment
b) advertising
c) brand recognition
d) baby boomers

includes luxurious surroundings and gourmet meals
a) self-indulgence travel
b) ecotourism
c) activity tours
d) culture travel

travel centered around recreational activities
a) activity tours
b) culture travel
c) self-indulgence travel
d) ecotourism

spending active work time with someone in a certain job or career (for a brief period of time, usually a day)
a) job shadowing
b) part-time job
c) internship
d) mentoring

airline tickets bought through the internet
a) e-tickets
b) paper tickets
c) coupons
d) vouchers

highlights historical, natural or other speical resources of an area
a) culture travel
b) self-indulgence travel
c) ecotourism
d) activity tours

The identification of the nature of a business or the reasons a business exists is done on the __.
a) mission statement
b) brand recognition
c) tag line
d) marketing research

paid, non-personal communication between an identified sponsor and a potential customer about a product or service
a) advertising
b) public relations
c) personal selling
d) marketing research

the theme of an ad
a) tag line
b) mission statement
c) marketing research
d) advertising

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