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Why does water always seek to get to a lower level?
a) because the mantle is mostly solid
b) because it is tired
c) because of the force of gravity
d) because of the force of energy

Define erosion.
a) the wearing away of the ocean
b) orderly atoms
c) the wearing away of earth\\\'s topsoil
d) opposite forces attract one another

What two forms of water erode the soil?
a) rain and frozen water
b) snow and clouds
c) fog and dew
d) minerals and rock

What is a delta?
a) a sandwich
b) a deposit of sand and soil at the mouth of some rivers
c) deposit of rocks and sand
d) deposit of grass and minerals

Where does the soil in a delta come from?
a) a flood
b) the mountains
c) from the bottom of a river
d) from the bottom of a ocean

How can floods be helpful?
a) they are fun to swim in
b) they can carry topsoil to farm land
c) they carry gold
d) they provide more drinking water

Glaciers are
a) massive mountains
b) massive rivers of ice that move slowly
c) cannot not carry broken rocks and soil
d) fast moving frozen ice

Sediment is
a) found in grass
b) found on a roof
c) crops and farmland
d) particles that settle on the bottom or sides of a body of water

Dams are built to
a) hold back flood water.
b) keep people out.
c) beautify the neighborhood.
d) prevent wind and storms.

Conservation is
a) using resources unwisely
b) soil erosion
c) using nature's resources wisely
d) not a smart thing

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