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Transfer of heat through touch
a) conduction
b) convection
c) radiation
d) thermal

Remains of once living things
a) fossils
b) radiation
c) conduction
d) recessive

Both alleles are the same
a) homozygous
b) heterozygous
c) dominant
d) recessive

Energy transfer through waves
a) radition
b) conduction
c) convection
d) homozygous

Age compared to another
a) relative age
b) absolute age
c) permeable
d) genotype

The physical characteristics of traits
a) phenotype
b) genotype
c) homozygous
d) heterozygous

A reserve of water under the surface
a) aquifer
b) impermeable
c) permeable
d) dominant

Trait that will show when it is present
a) dominant
b) recessive
c) heterozygous
d) homozygous

Hail, rain, snow, sleet, etc.
a) precipitation
b) evaporation
c) condensation
d) transpiration

The alleles of a trait
a) genotype
b) phenotype
c) fossils
d) transpiration

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