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Rules For Typing And Formatting A Table.[print questions]

How is text aligned in a table?
a) Left aligned
b) Right aligned
c) Center aligned
d) With a decimal tab

Column headings should be
a) Bolded
b) In all caps
c) Centered
d) All of the choices

To select the whole table, you should...
a) right click to the left of a row.
b) left click to the right of a column.
c) click on the table handle.
d) use the auto-fit option.

When Microsoft would says it is inserting a 2 x 4 table it is saying
a) the table has 2 rows and 4 columns
b) the table has 2 columns and 4 rows
c) Not this one
d) Not this one

How should a title of a table be formatted?
a) Centered, bolded, and in all caps
b) Bolded, and in all caps
c) At the left, bolded, and in all caps
d) Centered, italicized, and bolded

When using table styles you have to be careful because they will...
a) rearrange text cell location.
b) change information in cells.
c) change some formatting already applied.
d) not work at all.

To shrink the table and get rid of all the extra space (white noise) in a table, you should use...
a) AutoFit Contents
b) AutoFit Window
c) Fixed Column Width
d) Center Table

You can only total numbers in table using the formula option in the data group not anything else (like average, multiply, etc)
a) True
b) False
c) Not this one
d) Not this one

Tables can be customized by...
a) changing the borders.
b) merging cells.
c) applying a color/shade to a row.
d) All of the choices

Numbers in a table should be...
a) a) set at the center.
b) b) centered and bolded.
c) c) set using a decimal tab at the approximate center
d) both a) and c)

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