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How do you say zucchini in British English?
a) leek
b) radish
c) courgette
d) yam

Which poet used Middle English?
a) Shakespeare
b) Chaucer
c) Hardy
d) Blake

In 1972 the UK joined...
a) the European Economic Unit
b) the NATO
c) the G7 group
d) the Eurovision Song Contest

How many words are there in the English language?
a) 70.000
b) 170.000
c) 500.000
d) 2 millions

Who is the current UK Prime Minister
a) Tony Blair
b) David Cameron
c) Gordon Brown
d) John Major

Which one is not an American TV channel?
a) FOX
b) NBC
c) WIN
d) PBS

Who wrote Death of the Salesman?
a) William Shakespeare
b) Arthur Miller
c) George Buchanan
d) George Chapman

What does SOS stand for?
a) Sing Or Sleep
b) See Our Sea
c) Save Our Souls
d) Sun Or Star

The USA consists of ...
a) 52 states
b) 49 states and two federal districts
c) 50 states and a federal district
d) 49 states and a federal district

When did England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales become one state?
a) 1536
b) 1708
c) 1800
d) 1902

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