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How many players are there on the court in each team of beach volleyball?
a) Only two players
b) There are three players.
c) Six players in each court.
d) There are five players

How long does a match of beach football last?
a) 36 minutes.
b) 40 minutes, two parts of 20 minutes each.
c) 90 minutes, two halves of 45 minutes.
d) 70 minutes, two periods of 35 minutes.

How do you score a goal of two points in beach handball?
a) A goal scored by the goalkeeper.
b) Throwing the ball from the 9 metres-line.
c) A throwing from a field player
d) Throwing the ball from the 10-metres spot

What are the main basic strokes in beach rackets?
a) Forehand and backhand strokes.
b) Lobs and net shots.
c) Smash and clear strokes.
d) Services and volleys

Who wins a match of beach volleyball?
a) The first in getting two sets.
b) The first in getting three sets.
c) Gaining five sets.
d) The player that wins the first set.

What is the name of the space of game in beach football?
a) Pitch
b) Court
c) Field
d) Terrain

What is the technique that the surface do not permit to do in beach volleyball?
a) Bounce the ball
b) Pass the ball
c) Kick the ball
d) Shoot the ball

How many points does the player get to finish a game in beach rackets?
a) 4 points
b) 40 points
c) 15 points
d) 5 points

What kind of technique does not count as a team touch in beach volleyball?
a) block
b) overhand pass
c) forearm pass
d) overhand service

What beach sport allows to score goals of two points?
a) beach handball
b) beach football
c) beach rugby
d) beach rackets

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