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Collection of writing inspired by God; The bible
a) Sacred Scripture
b) Old Testament
c) New Testament
d) Gospels

Meaning Good News; The first 4 books of the New Testament
a) Gospels
b) Sacred Scripture
c) Virtue
d) Epistles

the first 5 books of the Old Testament; Means Law
a) Torah
b) Sacrafice
c) Epistles
d) Gospels

Longer more formal letters
a) Epistles
b) Gospels
c) Evangelists
d) Torah

A good effective quality within us that helps us do good not evil
a) virtue
b) temptation
c) apostasy
d) sacrific

Giving somthing of value to God
a) sacrifice
b) apostasy
c) virtue
d) temptation

Total denial and abandoning of the Christian Faith
a) Apostasy
b) Sacrifice
c) Virtue
d) Pauline Letter

The desire to do something wrong or not responsible
a) temptation
b) sacrifice
c) apostasy
d) grace

The gift of sharing in God's life
a) grace
b) apostasy
c) sacrifice
d) temptation

13 letter in the New Testament written by St. Paul
a) Pauline Letters
b) Gospels
c) Apostasy
d) grace

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