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Brown v the Board of Education overturned
a) Ohio v Mapp
b) Miranda v Arizona
c) Gideon v Wainright
d) Plessy v Ferguson

Supreme Court cases in the 1960's strengthened....
a) rights of the accused
b) powers of the states
c) powers of the police
d) powers of the convicted

The purpose of the Bay of Pigs invasion was
a) to try and overthrow Fidel Castro.
b) to try and overthrow the leader of North Korea.
c) to help South Vietnam.
d) to help West Berlin.

What best describes Malcolm X's philosophy toward Civil Rights?
a) Militant
b) Peaceful
c) Status Quo
d) Leave the Country

All of the following are legacies of the Civil Rights Movement except
a) affirmative action.
b) increase in the number of African Americans voting.
c) the poll tax and litercy test are constitutional
d) desegregation.

Why was the Berlin Wall Built?
a) To keep West Germans from fleeing to East Berlin.
b) To divide Eastern and Western Europe.
c) To keep East Germans from fleeing to West Berlin.
d) To divide North and South Korea.

What established that segregation was legal as long as it was equal?
a) Plessy v. Ferguson
b) Brown v. Board
c) Miranda v. Arizona
d) Vikings v. Packers

Jim Crow laws are an example of ___________ segregation.
a) De Jure
b) De Facto
c) De Lorien
d) De Cartes

During the Montgomery Bus Boycott individuals chose not to
a) march
b) ride busses
c) vote
d) sit at lunch counters

Freedom Summer was regarding....
a) Voting Rights
b) Bus Integration
c) School Integration
d) All transportation Equality

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