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Sports Marketing Final Review.[print questions]

Psychographics focuses on what kind of information?
a) income
b) attitudes
c) location
d) education

A group of individuals within a larger market that share one or more characteristics is called a ___.
a) marketing mix
b) market segment
c) market differentiation
d) demographic segment

A legal right to reproduce a team's logo in exchange for payment is called a ___.
a) license
b) registration
c) handler
d) certification

Nike giving uniforms, shoes, and equipment to a college basketball team is an example of ___.
a) license
b) sponsorship
c) target
d) a violation of NCAA rules

Local business support amateur athletics because ___.
a) the promotion is good for the team
b) sports fans will support the business
c) the business wants to be an active part of the community
d) all of these

An endorsement is ___.
a) a promotional tool
b) a person's approval of a product or service
c) often most successful when made by a celebrity
d) all of these

Paid communication between the product maker or seller and the audience or customer is ___.
a) publicity
b) advertising
c) sales promotion
d) none of these

When a company wants to show its commitment to a community it may choose to ___.
a) sponsor a local little league team
b) find a local marketing firm to create an advertising
c) find a famous celebrity as an endorser
d) none of these

Sponsorship involves ___.
a) donating product
b) financing an event
c) donating services
d) all of these

Which of the following whill help create a positive image for an athlete?
a) creating a foundation
b) signing a new multimillion dollar contract
c) increased media coverage
d) being involved in a music video

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