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The secret war in Laos caused displacement of which group?
a) Chinese.
b) Hmong.
c) Maylasian.
d) Korean.

What was the result of the Tet Offensive?
a) A military victory but war changing psychological defeat for the U.S.
b) The end of the Vietnam War.
c) A stalemate.
d) A military victory for the Vietcong.

Which of the following is not a way to be deferred from the draft?
a) last surviving son
b) taking a war industries job
c) College
d) Medical

Someone in favor of our intervention in Vietnam.
a) Hawk
b) Vulture
c) Eagle
d) Dove

What policy was the U.S. following when they got invovled in Vietnam?
a) Tonkin Gulf Resolution
b) Containment.
c) Vietnamization.
d) War Powers Act.

Which of the following is an example of the Domino Theory?
a) Khmer Rouge takeover of Cambodia.
b) Cuban Missile Crisis.
c) Korean War.
d) Chinese Civil War.

Which of the following was a weakness of American forces in Vietnam?
a) Knowledge of the terrain.
b) Funds to wage a long war.
c) Numerical Superiority.
d) Technology.

The Vietcong's supply line was named after which person?
a) Ho Chi Mihn
b) Hirohito
c) Syngman Rhee
d) Ngo Dhin Diem

What enabled President Johnson to have complete power and control in Vietnam?
a) Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
b) Vietnam Action Resolution
c) Declaration of War Act
d) War Powers Act

Ultimately what were the North Vientnamese and Vietcong fighting to achieve?
a) Independence.
b) Eventual unification with China.
c) Freedom to cleanse the country of ethnic minorities.
d) A communist country.

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