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The Camp David Peace accords was the first time
a) The U.S. recognized a communist Vietnam
b) Israel recognized Egypt.
c) Egypt recognized Israel
d) President Carter signed a peace treaty with the Soviet Union.

Which country did Nixon visit, opening up trade with them?
a) China
b) Germany
c) Japan
d) Britain

The American Indian Movement
a) lacked the funding to make changes.
b) Supported the termination policy
c) did not have enough support from the Native American community to make changes.
d) took a stand against the government and confronted it for changes

Nixon's policy of realpolitik focused on
a) communist governments.
b) development of nuclear weapons.
c) a countries power.
d) human rights.

Which President had a foreign policy that was centered on human rights?
a) Carter.
b) Nixon.
c) Ford.
d) Reagan.

Helped hispanic seasonal workers gain better conditions and pay.
a) Chavez
b) Friedan
c) Ferraro
d) Nixon

Watergate began with.....
a) A Burglary
b) A Resignation
c) Incriminating Audio Tapes
d) Lying

The combination of constant inflation and high unemployment.
a) Stagflation
b) Bankruptcy
c) Recession
d) Depression

All of the following are legacies of the National Organization for Women except
a) Roe v Wade
b) increase career opportunities
c) political seats
d) Equal Rights Amendment

Why wasn't Nixon charged with crimes for his role in Watergate?
a) Ford pardoned him.
b) He died.
c) He fled the country.
d) The Supreme Court did not act to do so.

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