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The __________________ is context sensitive, providing access to different functions
a) Control Panel
b) Menu Bar
c) Drop Down Menu Bar
d) PS Pallett

________________________ is a file extention and a lossy compression method that is best used when large file size might be a problem.
a) High resolution
b) Low resolution
c) Psd
d) Jpeg

What is the final size of a printed page in photoshop
a) Document size
b) Trim size
c) Page size
d) Program Page size

What tool is used to drag later contents to another position within the image.
a) Lasso
b) Draw
c) Quick selection
d) Move

What tool is used to draw irregular shaped selections
a) Lasso
b) Draw
c) Quick Selectin
d) Move

a _________________ mask can be used to hide certain areas of a layer (non-destructively)
a) Layers
b) Eraser Tool
c) Eye tool
d) Layer Mask

A _____________________ is a linked file that you placed into another Photoshop document
a) Linked file
b) PS image
c) Object
d) Smart object

What cause degradation of a raster image when it\'s reproduced on a printing press
a) High resolution
b) camera resolution
c) no resolution
d) low resolution

What tool is used to select areas of similar color by clicking and dragging
a) Lasso
b) Magnetic Lasso
c) Move
d) Quick selection

_________________ graphics are composed of mathmetical descriptions of a series of lines and points
a) Raster
b) Edited
c) Original
d) Vector

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