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The _____________________ is the era of current time
a) Cenozoic
b) Paleozoic
c) Mesozoic

The break up of the supercontinent ___________ occured during the Mesozoic era
a) Pangea
b) Gondwanda
c) Laurasia

Many ancient fossils from the Precambiran era are preserved in a hard, dense chemical sedimentary rock called
a) chert
b) dirt
c) stromatolites

_________________ were the dominant plants of the Mesozoic era
a) gymnosperms
b) angiosperms
c) cyanobacteria
d) fungus

During the Cenozoic era __________ replaced the gymnosperms as the dominant land plants
a) angiosperms
b) cyanobacteria
c) CAM plants

List the three types of geological unconformities
a) angular unconformity, disconformities, non conformities
b) baggy pants, tousled hair, rap music
c) baggy pants worn below the waist, display of colorful underwear, a non Bishop sweatshirt

What conditions are important in determining whether an organism will be preserved as a fossil
a) rapid burial and hard parts
b) exposure to the environment and lack of teeth

Which is a NOT a characteristic of an index fossil
a) must have teeth
b) life form must be abundant
c) life form must be limited to a short span of geological time
d) life form must be wide spread geographically

What are the three eras of the Phanerozoic era?
a) Paleozoic, Mesozoic, Cenozoic
b) Philly, Phanatic, Phantastic
c) Pre Cambrian, Cambrian. post Cambrian

Which is NOT an advantage of hard parts, such as shells, for animals that possess them?
a) a mortgage free life
b) provide a more controlled internal environment
c) permit animal to burrow underground
d) protection

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