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what does bellicose mean?
a) mighty in war
b) aggressive, combative
c) to indicate strong disapproval of
d) inclined or eager to fight

what does the word contradict mean
a) to assert or speak the opposite of, deny directly.
b) a complimentary or contrasting item
c) anything prohibited from the law from being imported or exported
d) a violent upheaval, especially on of natural social or political event

a) knowing all things
b) unlimited power
c) a prevelance of disease
d) a speech

a) to differ in opinion
b) to stay attached
c) easy to approah
d) to make suitable to

a) to change continually
b) dislike a person
c) resemble a human
d) study a human

a) widespread of disaster
b) underground place of burial
c) violent upheavel
d) real or actual rather than imaginary

a) system of rule or government
b) treat in a rigid uniform manner
c) to control or direct by rule princaple or law
d) quality of beaing faithful or loyal

a) relating to a mother
b) head of a family
c) a married woman
d) something a person does well with exellence

a) to differ
b) speak opposite of
c) attitude toward something
d) stay attached

a) person who studies blood
b) dislike of humans
c) attitude towards something
d) to permit or approve

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