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It Is An Exercise To Test The Knowledge About The Different Families Of The Instruments Of The Orchestra.[print questions]

The orchestra is made up of four sections which are:
a) Electronic, brass, percussion and woodwind.
b) Strings, brass, woodwind and electronic.
c) Strings, woodwind, brass and percussion
d) Brass, electronic, strings and percussion.

Depending on their pitch and from a lower to a higher sound, the brass family of instruments are:
a) Trumpet, trombone, tuba and French horn.
b) Trumpet, French horn, trombone and tuba.
c) Tuba, trombone, trumpet and French horn.
d) French horn, tuba, trumpet and trombone.

The string family in an orchestra are made up of:
a) Violin, alto, cello and double bass.
b) Harp, cello, violin and double bass.
c) Guitar, violin, cello and alto.
d) Guitar, harp, alto and cello.

The woodwind instruments which have a double reed are:
a) Bassoon, coranglais, oboe and clarinet.
b) Clarinet, flute, saxophone and double bassoon.
c) Saxophone, oboe, clarinet and flute.
d) Oboe, bassoon, double bassoon and coranglais.

What is the difference between a harpsichord and a piano?
a) A harpsichord has no strings but makes a sharper sound.
b) None - they are both the same.
c) Harpsichord strings are plucked. Piano string are hit with hammers.
d) Piano strings are plucked. Harpsichord strings are hit with hammers.

The smallest and highest instrument of the orchestra.It is a member of the woodwind family, but it’s not made of wood and it doesn’t have a reed.
a) Violin.
b) Trumpet.
c) Piccolo.
d) Clarinet.

What is the difference between a bass drum and timpini drums?
a) A bass drum is tuned in the same way, by stretching the skin and tightening the taps around its side
b) A bass drum stands on its side and needs constant tightening.
c) A bass drum stands on its side and can have two drumheads.
d) There is no difference between them.

Why does the saxophone belong to the woodwind family?
a) Due to its colour.
b) It has a reed.
c) It has the same shape as the other woodwind instruments.
d) It does not belong to the woodwind family.

What is the difference between a glockenspiel and a xylophone?
a) There is no difference except glockenspiels are bigger.
b) Xylophones have wooden bars and glockenspiels have metal bars.
c) Xylophones have metal bars and glockenspiels have wooden bars.
d) Xylophones are tuned intruments and glockenspiels dont.

How is sound produced by a trumpet?
a) By pressing the keys.
b) By pressing the valves.
c) By blowing into the mouthpiece and pressing the valves.
d) By blowing into the mouthpiece and pressing the keys.

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