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The average cost of homes in Tucson is $272,645. The average cost of homes in Bozeman is $289,800. This information indicates that the cost of living
a) in Bozeman is probably higher than in Tucson.
b) in Tucson is probably higher than in Bozeman.
c) in Tucson is the same as in Bozeman.
d) in Tucson is growing more quickly than in Bozeman.

How are expected pay and desired lifestyle related? Expected pay:
a) and desired lifestyle are not related.
b) determines whether income can sustain lifestyle.
c) is the result of one’s selected lifestyle.
d) only determines housing options.

Which type of information found in The Occupational Outlook Handbook can be accessed through the internet?
a) Description of classes offered in college
b) Extracurricular activities to join
c) What workers do on the job
d) Location of placement offices

A career as a teacher requires a college degree. This is an example of:
a) educational requirements.
b) nature of work.
c) occupational outlook.
d) working conditions.

Careers in day care are more in demand as the number of working parents increases. This is an example of:
a) educational requirements.
b) nature of work.
c) occupational outlook.
d) working conditions.

The median range for a specific career is $50,000-$60,000 per year. This range represents the:
a) average spread of annual earnings per year.
b) guaranteed entry-level salary for this specific career.
c) highest salary for a specific career per year.
d) lowest salary for a specific career per year.

As compared to their co-workers, individuals who have more opportunities for advancement are MORE LIKELY to have:
a) greater amount of leisure time.
b) lower personal satisfaction.
c) outstanding work performance.
d) shorter commute to work.

A community with a cost of living index of 98.0 has a(n):
a) above average cost of living.
b) average cost of living.
c) below average cost of living.
d) constant cost of living.

Which characteristic of a job offer illustrates a focus on desirable location?
a) Guaranteed pay raises with years of service
b) Low crime rate in the community
c) On-site elder care for employees’ families
d) Opportunity to buy shares of stock in the company

Child care, gym memberships, flexible hours, and employee discounts are all examples of:
a) additional perks of the job.
b) base salary.
c) employer-provided services.
d) fringe benefits.

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