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What are display props?
a) the personality of the store
b) items used to enhance a display
c) the layout of the store
d) the merchandise

Which of the following is not an element of store layout
a) fixtures
b) merchandise
c) flooring
d) equipment

Display that features merchandise in a setting that allows the customer to touch and handle it:
a) Room display
b) Open display
c) Closed display
d) Virtual display

The two goals of promotional displays are:
a) to attract customers' attention and to encourage customers to buy the merchandise
b) to draw customers into the sale area and to give them an idea of the store
c) to help customers determine store layout and where the checkout aisle is located
d) to display off-season merchandise and to promote ease of access

Which of the following is not a type of visual display
a) point-of-sale
b) point-of-view
c) room-setting
d) store-decoration

Display designed to help sell merchandise
a) open
b) closed
c) promotional
d) institutional

The personality of the store is also known as
a) store layout
b) store image
c) store design
d) visual merchandising

Display designed to generate goodwill for the store
a) open
b) closed
c) promotional
d) institutional

Permanent or moveable store furnishings that are used to hold or display merchandise-
a) props
b) displays
c) fixtures
d) flooring

An example of an impulse purchase is-
a) a customer who goes to IKEA with the intention of buying new living room furniture and buys a recliner and loveseat
b) a customer who enters Wal-Mart to do the weekly grocery shopping with his/her shopping list
c) customer who purchases a candy bar at the cash register after realizing he/she is hungry
d) a family on their yearly vacation to Disney World

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