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Which is a primary source for evidence that Columbus sailed to find a new route to the Indies in 1492?
a) a television show about the exploration of Columbus
b) a diary entry written by a crew memeber aboard Columbus\' ship
c) a painting showing Columbus landing in the new world
d) a letter from the current ambassador from Spain describing the voyage

Early Colonists in North America tended to settle near rivers mainly because these areas provided
a) resources suitable for agriculture
b) popular camping sites
c) protection from enemies
d) water power for factories

A major argument against ratification of the United States Constitution in 1787 was that it
a) gave too much power to state governments
b) established a legislative branch of government
c) did not contain a bill of rights
d) was not based on compromises

The dispute over representation in Congress between large and small states was settled in the United States Constitution by
a) adopting the 3/5th compromise
b) forming the electoral college
c) creating a two house legislature
d) establishing the reserved powers

As a result of Abraham Lincoln\'s election as President in 1860, several Southern states called for
a) another vote by the electoral college
b) a constitutional amendment ending slavery
c) secession from the Union
d) the House of Representatives to choose a President

President Abraham Lincoln\'s main goal throughout the Civil War to
a) abolish slavery throughout the nation
b) end British control of the western territories
c) break the South\'s dependence on cotton
d) preserve the Union

Which statement best describes the political situation of the African Americans in the South after Reconstuction ended in 1877?
a) They gained more seats in the state legistatures
b) They lost political power because of restrictions on voting rights
c) They formed political parties, which became strong and influential
d) They lost interest in politics and government

The completion of the transcontinental railroad in 1869 contributed to the settlement of which United States region?
a) Northeast
b) Southeast
c) South
d) West

The idea of manifest destiny meant that
a) Native American Indians had an equal claim to teh lands ofthe West
b) the United States had the right to expand to the Pacific Ocean
c) no more European colonies would be allwed in the Americas
d) slavery should be allowed in the West

Which event is credited with starting the Great Depression?
a) election of Franklin D. Roosevelt as President
b) adoption of the New Deal
c) the Senate\'s failure to ratify the Treaty of Versailies
d) stock market crash

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