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The largest expanse of time on the geological time scale is the
a) eon
b) epoch
c) era
d) period

The era of ancient life iis know as the
a) Paleozoic
b) Cenozoic
c) Mesozoic
d) Precambrian

About 88% of Earth's history is with the expanse of time before the Phanerozoic Era called the ___________.
a) Precambrian
b) Cambrian
c) Cenozoic
d) Paleozoic

Some continents contain large core area of Precambrian rocks called
a) shields
b) plateaus
c) plates
d) rifts

Which of the followig gases was NOT part of Earth's original atmosphere?
a) oxygen
b) water vapor
c) nitrogen
d) carbon dioxide

What is the major source of free oxygen in the atmosphere?
a) green plants
b) silicate minerals
c) molten rock
d) water

The most common Precambrian fossils are layered mounds of calcium carbonate called
a) stromatolites
b) tribolites
c) chert
d) prokaryotes

The Paleozoic era lasted about
a) 292 million years
b) 2 million years
c) 29 million years
d) 2 billion years

During the early Paleozoic era, South America, Africa, Australia, Antartica, India and perhaps China comprised the vast southern continent of
a) Gondwanda
b) Europe
c) Pangea
d) Laurasia

Laurasia was made up of which modern continents
a) North America, Europe and western Asia
b) North America and South America
c) Europe, South America and Antartica
d) Africa, South America and eastern Asia

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