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What was an area of the Roman Empire that many unhappy Jewish inhabitants?
a) Athens
b) Judaea
c) Rome
d) All of them

Who was a person that the Jewish people believed would come and free them from Roman control?
a) Messiah
b) Disciple
c) Martyr
d) None of them

Which of the following religions was founed by Jesus?
a) Islam
b) Christianity
c) Judaism
d) Buddhism

Who was a person that spread the Christian religion throughout the Roman Empire?
a) Pericles
b) Julius Caesar
c) None of them
d) Paul

What did the Christians call people who followed the Roman religion?
a) Pagans
b) Cesears
c) Epistles
d) None of them

Which emperor blamed the burning of Rome on the Christians?
a) Commodus
b) Nero
c) Diocletian
d) Constantine

Who was an emperor that persecuted Christians?
a) Domitian
b) Marcus Aurelius
c) Diocletian
d) All of them

Who is someone that dies for a cause?
a) Disciple
b) Tiber
c) Martyr
d) None of them

How did the Romans treat religions in conquered territories?
a) Basically allowed them but they had to show loyalty to Roman Gods
b) They were outlawed
c) They were persecuted
d) The Romans usually converted to their religion

What type of religion is Christianity?
a) Monotheistic
b) Polytheistic
c) Unotheistic
d) All of them

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