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What is the official count of people living in the Rome?
a) Paterfamilias
b) Census
c) Veto
d) Consul

Which ancient city was the capital of the Roman Empire and was home to over 1 million people?
a) Rome
b) Constantinople
c) Syracuse
d) Byzantium

What were the country estates of the wealthy Romans called?
a) Circuses
b) Tenaments
c) Villas
d) Forums

What two things did the Roman government provide to keep the poor from rebelling?
a) Money and Food
b) Sports and Entertainment
c) Voting and Government
d) Bread and Circuses

What did the Romans call the arenas that held shows for the people?
a) Gladiators
b) Circuses
c) Traveling Shows
d) Olympics

Which of the following is true about Rome?
a) Most of the people were poor
b) Women had a lot of political power
c) Slavery was outlawed
d) It never really fell

Who was the head of a Roman household?
a) The Women
b) Paterfamilias
c) Caesar
d) Consuls

Who were people that fought in circuses?
a) All of them
b) Slaves
c) Captured foreign prisoners
d) Gladiators

Which of the following was true about Roman citizenship?
a) It was important
b) It was counted
c) All of them
d) It was extended to people beyond the city of Rome

Which of the following is true about slavery in Rome?
a) They were counted as citizens
b) They did not have to do many jobs
c) They were counted in the census as property
d) They did not have slavery in Rome

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