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Which of these is NOT a pronoun?
a) I
b) Our
c) You
d) Us

Which of these is NOT a pronoun type?
a) Demonstrative
b) Indefinite
c) Reflexive
d) Refractive

Which one of these is NOT a subject pronoun?
a) Me
b) We
c) She
d) He

Which one of these pronouns is NOT an object pronoun?
a) I
b) Them
c) Us
d) Her

Which of these is NOT a relative pronoun?
a) Whoever
b) Whatsoever
c) Whomever
d) Whichever

Which of these is NOT a demonstrative pronoun?
a) These
b) Those
c) That
d) Their

Which of these is NOT an indefinite pronoun?
a) Some
b) Someone
c) Something
d) Six

Which of these is NOT a reflexive pronoun?
a) himself
b) themselves
c) ourselves
d) bookshelf

Which sentence does NOT include an intensive pronoun?
a) They themselves voted on the referendum.
b) He himself drove to the zoo.
c) He drove her to the museum.
d) I myself turned on the air conditioner.

Which of these is NOT an interrogative pronoun?
a) Who
b) Whom
c) What
d) Words

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