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In the layers panel, you can hide a layer by clicking on what icon?
a) Eye icon
b) Paint brush icon
c) Lock icon
d) Link layers icon

With a ___________ you isolate an area of pixel in an image so that you can edit just that area without affecting the other parts of the image.
a) Layer
b) Selection
c) Tool
d) Paint brush

Leading valuse determine
a) The color of the text
b) How bold a font looks
c) Spacing between files
d) Spacing between lines of type

To increase the horizontal spacing between multiple characters which features of the Character panel wouold you use?
a) Leading
b) Baseline Shift
c) Tracking
d) Shift + Alt

What is the best file format to use for files with many layers that allows it to remain fully editable
a) jpeg
b) tiff
c) png
d) psd

How many values of gray can a Channel contain
a) 256
b) 250
c) 300
d) 72

How many history states does Photoshop remember by default
a) 100
b) 50
c) 20
d) 10

CMYK has how many chanels
a) 2
b) 4
c) 3
d) 10

To select all the text on one layer you do what?
a) double click the layer thumbnail
b) double click the image
c) File > Select Text
d) Duplicate the layer

In Photoahop using File > Place command creates a
a) regular layer on top of the select layer
b) shape layer
c) mask layer
d) smart object with the imported file's content

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