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Flagellates are beneficial to termites because they
a) help in digesting wood
b) aid in breathing
c) help in moving through wood
d) aid in reproduction

_____________ are short, oarlike structures extending from cell membranes
a) Cilia
b) Chitin
c) Flagella
d) Holdfasts

Protozoan can not move on their own are...
a) parasites
b) ciliate
c) flagellates
d) imperfect fungi

The slime molds move the same way _______________ do.
a) amoeba
b) algae
c) flagellates
d) fungi

A __________________ caused the Irish potato famine
a) downy mildew
b) water mold
c) slime mold
d) zygote fungus

Organisms that obtain food by absorbing dead and decaying tissues are called
a) saprophytes
b) spores
c) hyphae
d) algae

Zygospore fungus spores are produced in a round case called this...
a) sporangium
b) ascus
c) basidium
d) hyphae

In sac fungi spores are produced in a saclike structure called this...
a) ascus
b) sporangium
c) basidium
d) spores

In club fungi spores are produced in a clublike structure called this...
a) basidium
b) ascus
c) sporangium
d) hyphae

Which type of algae is green, has chloroplasts, flagella, and eyespots?
a) Euglenas
b) Green algae
c) Diatoms
d) Dinoflagellates

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