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All of the following were part of the Axis powers during WWII except?
a) Soviet Union.
b) Germany.
c) Italy.
d) All of them were part of the Axis powers.

All of the following were reasons President Truman dropped the atomic bomb except?
a) He believed the in ending the war as quickly as he could.
b) He believed Hitler was not going to surrender and he wanted to end the war with Germany.
c) He felt a mainland invasion would cost too many American lives.
d) He believed the Japanese were not close to surrendering.

What did the American Gov't do to Japanese Americans following Pearl Harbor?
a) hired them to become code breakers throughout the war.
b) forced them to return to Japan.
c) created a special draft for them to become part of the military.
d) put them in internment camps due to fear of them becoming spies.

All of the following countries were controlled by a dictator in the 1930's except
a) Germany.
b) Great Britain.
c) Soviet Union.
d) Italy.

What were women's role in WWII?
a) became invovled in politics.
b) Stayed at home and did not enter the workforce.
c) helped win the war by joining the military and working in combat units.
d) working in factories and replacing men who were drafted.

The mass extermination of a specific group of people is called
a) prejudice.
b) discrimination.
c) genocide.
d) internment.

What event led to America declaring war and entering WWII?
a) The bombing of Pearl Harbor.
b) The invasion of Poland.
c) The invasion of the Soviet Union.
d) The invasion of Great Britain.

What event started WWII?
a) Hitler's invasion of Great Britain.
b) Hitler's invasion of Poland.
c) Hitler's take over of Paris, France.
d) Hitler's invasion of the Soviet Union.

What was FDR's attitude regarding the United States joining WWII?
a) He believed the United States could stay isolated and would not have to join.
b) He believed Americans would support a declaration of war immediately.
c) He believed the U.S. would join, but something major need to happen to convince Americans.
d) He believed that Hitler would be attacking the United States any day and the U.S. needed to join.

Totalitarian governments were popular in Europe in the 1930's because
a) the economy was stable so most people did not pay attention to the government.
b) individuals loved communism.
c) economic stabililty created jobs.
d) individuals cared more about economic stability than individuals rights.

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