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Sedimentary rocks record past geological events and
a) changing life forms of the past
b) astronomical milestones of the past
c) Earth\'s circumference and diameter in the past
d) written history

In what type of rocks would geologosts most likely find evidence of past life forms
a) sedimentary rock
b) volcanic rock
c) metamorphic rock
d) igneous rock

The geological processes that shape the Earth\'s features today
a) are basically the same as they were in the geological past
b) became important only several hundred years ago
c) did not operatre in the distant past
d) are much different than thousands of years ago

According to the principle of cross cutting relationships, and instrusive rock body is
a) younger than the rocks into which it intrudes
b) older than the rocks into which it intrudes
c) always made of the same materials as rock around it
d) deposited as sedimentary layers

The dating process that places geological events in proper sequence is referred to as
a) relative dating
b) temporary dating
c) numerical dating
d) radiometric dating

What type of unconformity consists of tilted sedimentary rocks that are over layed by younger, more flat lying sedimentary rocks?
a) angular unconformity
b) disconformity
c) nonconformity
d) conformity

Fossils are the
a) remains or traces of prehistoric life
b) oldest rock layers in a region
c) living creatures with habitats in or around rock
d) objects that people left behind as artifacts

Assume you began with 10 g or a radioactive parent isotope. Home many grames of parent isotope will be present in the sample after 2 half lives?
a) 2.5 g
b) 5 g
c) 0.63 g
d) 1.25 g

Which two substances do geologist use in radio carbon dating?
a) carbon 12 and carbon 14
b) carbon 12 and carbon 10
c) lead 206 and carbon 14
d) carbon 14 and uranium 238

What is the currently accepted age of the Earth?
a) approximately 4.6 billion years
b) approximately 10 billion years
c) approximately 5.6 billion years
d) approximately 4.6 million years

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