Chapter 24- Part 1 Question Preview (ID: 152)

Chapter 24 Review Part 1. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

A political ideology that encourages aggressive nationalism, and a strong military and dictatorship
a) Communism
b) Facism
c) Capitalism
d) Democracy

The idea that trade between nations creates prosperity and prevents war
b) civil disobedience
c) neutrality
d) internationalism

A former schoolmaster and journalist who rose to power in Italy after World War I
a) Adolf Hitler
b) Franciso Franco
c) Erwin Rommel
d) Benito Mussolini

Leader of the Bolshevik Party who spread Communism throughout the Russian Empire
a) Leon Trotsky
b) Karl Marx
c) Vladimir Lenin
d) Leonid Stolovitsh

He became the dictator of the Soviet Union after the death of Vladimir Lenin
a) Joseph Stalin
b) Franciso Franco
c) Karl Marx
d) Neville Chamberlain

The anti-communist Nazi leader who rose to power in Germany after World War I
a) Winston Churchill
b) Erwin Rommel
c) Adolf Hitler
d) Joseph Goebells

A resource rich providence in China that was conquered by Japan in 1931
a) Manchuria
b) Shanhai
c) Mongolia
d) Hong Kong

This act made it illegal for Americans to sell arms to any country at war
a) Sedition Act
b) Taft-Hartley Act
c) Wartime Act
d) Neutrality Act

Which was NOT a reason for strong isolationism in the U.S in the 1930's
a) Nye Committee reports
b) Huge Profits Made By Arms Factories During World War I
c) British Foreign Policy
d) European Refusal To Pay Loans From World War I

What 1937 invasion caused FDR to become more of an internationalist
a) Czech invasion of Poland
b) Russian Invasion of China
c) Japanese invasion of China
d) Japanese invasion of Mongolia

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