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Which of the following is not a main cause of weathering?
a) wind
b) glaciers
c) moving water
d) human actions

Acid rain falling on a rock outcrop over a period of many years can cause the rock on the surface to dissolve. This is an example of ____________________.
a) erosions
b) the rock cycle
c) chemical weathering
d) mechanical weathering

Decomposition is the word geologists use for ________________.
a) valley formation
b) mountain formation
c) chemical weathering
d) mechanical weathering

Oxidation as a cause of chemical weathering is most often associated with which substance contained in the rock?
a) iron
b) water
c) oxygen
d) uranium

The process by which an area can become plantless and dry over a long period of time is called ___________________.
a) aridity
b) evaporation
c) bioreduction
d) desertification

Talus is commonly found near the base of a ____________________.
a) pit
b) river
c) valley
d) mountain

What is one problem with preventing erosion in the desert?
a) There is too much sand.
b) There is too much rain at one time.
c) There is not enough change in the climate
d) There are few, if any, plants to protect the soil.

Disintegration is the word geologists use for
a) when a rock becomes moist
b) when a rock is physically broken into smaller pieces
c) when a rock is chemically broken into smaller pieces
d) when a rock undergoes a rather large chemical change

Ventifacts are created primarily through the action of __________________.
a) ice
b) wind
c) water
d) chemical weathering

Which of these terms refers to a rock material that has been weathering physically, chemically, and biologically.
a) erg
b) soil
c) talus
d) loess

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